Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Post-race Analysis & Realization

Tomorrow's posting: Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon and photos by Chan Wing Kai.
Congratulations to the following runners who successfully crossed the finishing line of their maiden marathons in Singapore. From now on, when your telephone rings, you can say proudly and assertively: “This is MARATHONER so-and-so speaking, how can I help you?” ... :-)

Girls: MoCheng, Maryann, Siok Bee
Guys: Foong WH, Leslie Yee, Chin YH.
Below are the excerpts of emails from runners on running Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon on Sunday 3 December 2006:

From Chee Wee (Penguin-11):

All the best to the brave runners who are going down south to conquer the hot and humid Singapore Marathon. Good luck!


After the Singapore Marathon:

From Moira Toh:

Thank you for the kind wishes! Actually the weather was excellent for the Singapore run – much to our surprise! It was cloudy and quite cool; a little breezy at times and even drizzled a little!

I hope everyone has a good trip to Singapore!

Happy Running!

From Lim Fang Woei:

The weather was good, the food was excellent, and shopping was fantastic in Singapore. However, my timing was completely off: I did 4hr 20+mins.
At the rate I am going, if I ever dream of doing sub-4 hours, I should migrate to Pluto or the next planet. I understand from my physics teacher that time is slower there.

Best regards.

From Ngae KH:

Dear runners: sub 4 is possible for all, I feel. It is a matter of how long one needs to work at it. Like all learning curve, it gets real flat after the initial stage of dramatic improvement. In the flat part of the curve, say, between 4:00 to 4:30 for most runners, we all need to put in lot of mileage and therefore time to chase the illusory sub 4. But if you want it, you can definitely get it...

From KC:

I like the term quoted by Ngae: the illusory sub-4 hours. It is true that we need to put in lot of mileage, effort and time to achieve that target.

Running is a very honest sport. We get out what we put in. If we have not done the training for a marathon, we can't fake it. But if we put in the effort, we will reap the rewards and satisfaction. So, looks like my training was not sufficient to achieve my goal.

Cheers to marathon!

From Ngae:

Hi KC and all: Whatever the finishing time, to finish running a marathon is itself no small feat. In fact even for all those who make it to the start line, you are already special in my book.

It means you have overcome the doubt in yourself and made the commitment. You have also managed to train well so as not to be injured and becoming a DNS (did not start). To cross the finish line is a bonus, whatever the time.

Singapore got it right there: "we will wait for you, whatever your time". Just imagine, that simple philosophy changes so many people's life....all those who never thought of running a marathon make it to the start line and even cross the finish line. I cannot find a better understanding of the spirit behind the sport of marathon.

Training, running and finishing a marathon teach one to be completely honest with oneself, to be patient, to pace your life's journey (long or short regardless). Most importantly, one rediscovers the gift God gives us: the wonderful human body (except some unfortunate ones and even these handicapped ones do unbelievable feats).

If you can do all those long runs in the training and can struggle to finish 42km, you sure feel funny to ride a car (other than for security reason) to the shops 2km away within the neighbourhood.



C-CUBE said...

Hi all,

The excerpts are really from the bottom of everyone's heart. It is so encouraging. Keep it up. So am I, achieved my target of 2 marathon this year after coming back from a 15 yrs absence. This 2 races are like my maiden marathon although the timing is nothing to shout about but gives me the satisfaction that I can still do it. Hope to see all of you in KLIM07 at the starting line.

kops21 aka tigger said...

only catch sight with tony and chat with him along east coast 24-25km mark. hopefully next time catch KL(Jan)

KC said...

Hi Guys,

Yes, hope to meet you in the next run.

KC :-)