Monday, December 18, 2006

Singapore Marathon - Photos from Race Organizer

Please click here to view photos taken by Miss Yeoh SC.
I applaud the effort of organizer of Singapore Marathon for taking four photos of me while I was in the thick of running action to return to finishing line… much appreciated.

I could see cameramen with huge telephoto lenses sitting at various corners trying to take the best shots for each runner – not only one but for multiple photo shots.

It must be a considerable effort investing in expensive photographic equipment and assigning many cameramen for the task. Not forgetting the administrative work in sorting and tallying the photos against the correct person; digitizing, resizing, uploading them into Internet; and a host of other inter-linked activities.

One important consideration is that after taking so many photos of each runner, not many runners will purchase the photos for a few reasons: looking too fat (some how, running marathon still could not bring down the body mass); not looking pretty or handsome; price of photo is too expansive, etc.

To purchase a 4R size photo print, it costs SGD 26. Multiply by 2.36 exchange rates, which mean a photo will cost me RM 61.

To purchase four photos, that will cost me about RM 245. I think I will save the money and pay for my next Singapore Marathon.

To Chan Wing Kai (Pacesetters Club photographer): I owe you RM 60 equivalent for taking one photo of me. Thank you too.

By KC ... :-)

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