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Mount Siguniang 2nd Sister Peak (7)

SUMMIT AND RETURN – At 3:00 a.m. on 1 Nov 2016, the team members were ready, so were the mountain guides. The entire team started from the ErFeng base camp 4200m and set out in the final ascent into the dark, freezing cold mountains. Judging from the light of the headlamps, there were not many trekkers going up to ErFeng. Slowly but surely, we were glad that we finally reached the peak at 8:45 a.m. The final few hundred meters were a step climb that requires one to hold on to the railing. A slip on the slipery snow ground would be fatal. 

When we returned to base camp again, it was around 1pm. After lunch, we packed and got ready to trek down the mountains at 2:30 p.m. By the time we reached Rilongzhen, it was 6:00 p.m. It was a long day of trekking. 

We put up the next two nights in the same guesthouse of Rilongzhen, mostly free and easy activities. We then transferred by 4WD to Chengdu and spend another night in Chengdu; and boarded our Air AsiaX plane home. And that completed our 11 days of memorable journey. Credit and appreciation go to our trekking agent/ team lead – Eddie Ang of The Guide Proshop, Melawati – who is committed in his work and took good care of the team members.

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 The peak of Mount Siguniang ErFeng (2nd Sister Peak) is visible now
 KS Tan, Marcus Ng, KC Leong and Albert Koo; only half the team members make it thus far
 Slippery snow and holding on to the safety railing is crucial
 Finally, we make it to the peak of Mount Siguniang Erfeng (2nd Sister Peak) of 5276m
 The following day, it was free-and-easy shopping for souvenir at Rilongzhen
 Our chief mountain guide, SanFeng (same sound as in 3rd Sister Peak) is roasting two chicken for our simple celebration
 Cheers! A simple dinner and a simple celebration
 Handing over our flag to the owner of this guesthouse (3rd from left)
 Back in Chengdu, we visited the panda park in the morning. In the same evening, we boarded our Air AsiaX flight back to KUL.
There are many pandas there, big and small

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