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Mount Siguniang 2nd Sister Peak (5)

ACCLIMITISATION CAMPING for Mount Siguniang 2nd Sister Peak – After putting up a night at the guesthouse of Rilongzhen, the next morning, the team was set out on an acclimatisation camping journey at Muluozi campsite (3800m). This trail is very scenic and beautiful. Besides, there are many tourists too; some could not walk the distance and rode with the horse services.

We started the trekking at 10:00 a.m., by the time we arrived at the campsite, it was 4:00 p.m. – a very good timing to set up tents and get ready for dinner.

It started snowing at 8:30 p.m., by 11:00 p.m., we could see the snow was encroaching closer to our tent.  The next morning, we were pleasantly surprised to see the transformation in the scenery – from the vibrant colours of the mountains to the gloomy grey of the winter. With the good sleeping bag (that can withstand sub-zero temperature) and the good tents from the trekking agent, together with the proper warm clothing, it was comfortable sleeping in the tent.

We returned to the guesthouse for another night's stay.

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The journey to the peak continues ... stay tuned for more photos.
 The trail to Muluozi campsite starts here
 The first part of the journey are walking on solid platforms of six feet wide ... Eddie, the trekking agent/ Team Lead, Alex Tan and Huda
 Passing by and traverse throgh a lakeside area
 Cooking our lunch with the gas stove that we brought from KUL
 There is horses service that brings one to the Muluozi campsite
 The entire trail is scenic running alongside the stream
 Arriving at the Muluozi campsite with the ice-capped Big Sister Mountain in the background
 Yeah! the tents are ready!
 What a transformation the following morning!
 Yeah! the journey continues!
 This mystic wooden structure is actually the toilet 
 Another campsite further down the valley
The amount of ice accumulated on the flowers

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