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Mount Siguniang 2nd Sister Peak (6)

TO ERFENG BASE CAMP – After the paper work for registration at the park office at Rilongzhen, the team set out for the real journey to ErFeng or 2nd Sister Peak. At the mountain ridge area, we could see the peaks of Mount Siguniang clearly. We also saw the ribbon markers for the Siguniang Ultra-trail running event (60km and 42km), to be held on 4 Nov 2016, passing by the same trails. 

At 1:00 p.m., we rested at a guesthouse and have our lunch there with food packed from Rilongzhen during breakfast. We met a group of quite senior trekkers from Ipoh Perak. I spoke to their leader and their implementation was quite a challenging one: stay overnight in a guesthouse at Rilongzhen 3200m; in the morning, start trekking from trailhead; put up a night at ErFeng base camp 4200m; rest for a few hours and started the summit attack at 2:00 a.m. the following morning. This method was tough as a trekker would not have the time to adapt to high altitude for acclimitisation and would be exhausted with the long hours of trekking.

The team camped at Da Hai Zi campsite (or Big Lake, 3800m) for one night; there was a little snowing in the early morning. After breakfast, the team then proceeded to ErFeng base camp (or 2nd Sister Peak, 4200m) preparing for the summit attack the following morning. 

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 Posing with the chief mountain guide (standing, R2), his mountain guides and the support crew
Traversing on the mountain ridge ... Mount Siguniang peaks are on the left
 Mount Siguniang Peaks (left to right):  YaomeiFeng (Youngest Sister 6250m), SanFeng (3rd Sister 5355m), ErFeng (2nd Sister 5276m), DaFeng (Big Sister 5025m)
 A trail runner is seen practising on the actual trails guided by the ribbon markers. The Siguniang Ultra-trail running event (60km and 42km) will be held in a few days' time on 4 Nov 2016
 Having our lunch here ... this guesthouse sells noodles, drinks, munchies
 Arriving at Da Hai Zi (Big Lake) 
 Camp overnight at Da Hai Zi (Big Lake) 3800m ... there was slight snowing in the following early morning
 Eddie, the trekking agent/ Team Lead, demonstrating how to use the two trekking poles for easier ascending and descending a slope
 After breakfast, the journey continues to ErFeng base camp 4200m
 Taking a breather and having our lunch with food packed during our breakfast ... YS Tan brought the Wor Lai Yeah meat floss. It sure tasted superb there
 The Hua Hai Zi (Flower Lake) 
 Arriving at ErFeng base camp 4200m
 ErFeng (or 2nd Sister) base camp 4200m

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