Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kota Damansara Trail Run

Trail running at Kota Damansara on Saturday morning, 27 Aug 2016 with running friends and Elsie's good-looking and adorable Roxie, a female Rottweiler ... Round trip (from Seksyen 9 to Seksyen 10 and return) was 4 hours; according to George Siew's timing device, we ran a total of 14km. 

We were trying out some shortcuts and ended up heading to nowhere, and have to backtrack for almost 500 meters. From the post-event trail map, we realised that the shortcut is the loop for Sahabat trail but we went off tangent. 

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly.

 This pondok is the demarcation for Harmoni trail (at Seksyen 9 end, left of photo frame), and Unity trail (at Seksyen 10 KDCF end, right of photo frame)
 Elsie and her adorable Roxie
 At the Denai Tiga Putri peak
(left, behind) David Ong, George Siew, ChongYF, Eric Wong, KC Leong
(front) Josephine, Elsie Liew, Lana ... and of course the star, Roxie
 Additional challenge for the doggie to go up the ladder
 There is a giant tree along the trail to the peak
Arriving at the pond of Kota Damansara Cummunity Forest in Seksyen 10; from here, we have to run back to the other end where we parked our cars

Do click here for the trail and location map drawn by yours truly.

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