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Sg Lembing and Cherating Holidays

Holidaying at Sungai Lembing from 29 July 2016 for 3D2N and then adjourned to Cherating beach for another night of stay.... At Sungai Lembing, the Rainbow waterfall and the Panorama Hill (to see sunrise and sea of clouds) attract many holidaymakers. This small town is flourishing with tourists related business. At the market area for breakfast, it was crowded with people. 

To go to the Rainbow waterfall, one needs to engage a 4WD that can carry 14 persons maximum. The 4WD journey is 1 hour while the trekking journey requires another 30 - 45 minutes. 

To go to the Panorama Hill to view sunrise, the trail head is only 500 meters from the market. The trail is completed with 1,000 concrete steps. Going up the hill requires 30 to 45 min.

At Teluk Cempedak, the beach is very clean with the white sand. We stay another night at Cherating beach.

Round trip from Kuala Lumpur is about 900km. Overall, it was an enjoyable and memorable holiday.

Do CLICK HERE to view photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

 At Sungai Pandang waterfall en route to Sungai Lembing which is only 30 minutes away
 A group photo before going to Rainbow waterfall
 It is crowded at Rainbow waterfall even on a normal weekend
The ladies posing with the rainbow
 Nature's creation -- best time to view the rainbow is from 10 to 11 a.m. depending on the strength of sun ray and the amount of water falling from the cliff
 Free and easy at the homestay and we have BBQ dinner here 
 At Panorama Hill (second morning) to see sunrise
Background with the sea of clouds
 At around 7:30 a.m. the villages below the clouds are now visible
Arriving at Teluk Cempedak beach ... the beach is clean with the white sand
 Yeah ... Yeah ... A group of excited holidaymakers :-)
 Relaxing by the Cherating beach where we put up another night here

 From Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur ... somewhere before Benton town
The chalets (on the left of photo frame) can house 10 persons to each unit; the huts behind me are for cooking or chatting. The resort is nestled under the durian trees; beware of your heads when walking around during durian season. Or when durians fall on to the zinc rooftop at dawn, that would be the nature's morning call. There is a river behind the chalets, and a waterfall about 7km away. Good for group activities.

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