Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Fraser's Hill Camping

Car camping at Fraser's Hill on Saturday 3 September ... It was a fine weather up in the cool mountains. At night, the group went out to look for tarantula spiders. The next morning, we went to Jeriau waterfall for some water activities. 

According to an article in the Star newspaper, one of the taratula species is found only at this hill resorts and nowhere else in the world.

Do CLICK HERE to view photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

 More organize and taking shorter time in preparing the site and setting up tents

 Nine persons in seven big tents for a comfortable night's sleep ... (left) ChongYF, Tioh, Cindy Lim, Jaclyn, Kellie, Geraldine, Annie, ChuahTK, KC Leong
 As usual, my 1-man tent is at the far end
Time for tea break
 A little cozy corner ... Tioh and Cindy
 Heating up the roasted chicken
 Mooncake festival is drawing near ... lightning up lanterns in the cool mountains
 Looking for tarantula spiders
 This is quite a big spider
 The next morning, we adjourned to Jeriau waterfall
 Having fun with the water activity 
Jeriau Waterfall
 The golf course next to the clock tower
At Fraser's Hill Clock Tower

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