Sunday, May 31, 2015

Gili Trawangan Holidaying

After descended from Mount Rinjani on 21 May 2015, the Team was swiftly transferred to Gili Trawangan Island via speedboat specially arranged by the trekking agent, Encik Sunny, who came with us to Gili Island. Compare to the public boat that takes 45 minutes, the journey took only 15 minutes propelled by the high-powered Yamaha engine. 

While approaching the beach of Gili Island at 3:00 p.m., I saw the mat salleh men and women were leisurely sun-bathing by the beach. The speedboat slowed down; suddenly, the assistant jump ashore, pulled the anchor and we were hurriedly jumping out from the speedboat into the shallow water. Carrying our suitcases and walking pass the people in sun-bathing (they were looking at us in bewilderment), we looked like those illegal immigrants from Mainland China – as in the Hong Kong movies :-)

At Gili Island, the Team spent the following few days relaxing, snookering, sight-seeing, and enjoying the good food. At times, we sit at the beach admiring the mountains opposite - Mount Rinjani - and wonder how we could climb so high to the peak.

Do CLICK HERE to view 48 photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

 At Gili Trawangan Island ... KC Leong, Tan Han Cie, Lee Wai Yin, Ann Chua, Yuen Yit, Samantha Liong, Wenny Meelin, ChongYF, George Siew, LimWH.
Team members not in photo: Josephine, Lana, LimTH.

 Sun-bathing and swimming activities
 Having lunch with local food
 Bicycles and horse-carts ... there is no motorized vehicle on this island
 Other water activities
 Relaxing and having a drink by the beach
A final group photo at the chalets (at Gili Trawangan) before the team returned to Lombok on 23 May 2015.

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