Sunday, July 05, 2015

Bukit Kutu Trekking

Trekking at Bukit Kutu with RHB colleagues and friends on Saturday, 4 July 2015 ... For the past few weeks, the weather was hot and dry. So planning a trekking trip at Bukit Kutu would be good as one can dip in the cool water after descended from the mountain. 

After without rain for many days, it started to rain heavily in the early morning resulted a wet crossing in the stream. With the wet ground, worst still, the trail was infested with leeches. 

It was a fantastic outing with an excellent group of company amid a cloudy sky in the morning. After descent from the mountain, we dipped in the cool water as planned, and completed the event with a sumptuous late lunch at 5:30 p.m. at Hulu Yam Baru.  

Do CLICK HERE to view photos by courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

 A cheerful group photo … notice the proper carpark; this location is after the Orang Asli settlement
 Muddy water … caused by heavy rain in the wee hours of the morning
Kim showing the leech socks that she bought from MNS (Malaysian Nature Society)
 After the rain, the trail is infested with leeches. Dphany succumbed to attack by 8 leeches ! Ivy Wong helped to apply the Made-in-Thailand oilmen.
 A group photo at the huge rock area
 All ladies photo
 ChongYF setting up his mini cafe for making hot drinks
 A group photo at the peak of Bukit Kutu
 Blue sky and the vibrant ladies
 The boulder at the peak of Bukit Kutu
 The chimney – the remains of a bungalow at Bukit Kutu. I am amazed how the building materials were been carried up here as we need to trek for three hours to reach here!
 June, Dphany and Ivy Wong … let’s do a wefie (plural form of selfie) :-)
 Having a dip in the cool water after descended from the mountain
Adjourn to Hulu Yam Baru for the famous loh mee and tom yam prawn in fragrant coconut

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