Saturday, May 02, 2015

Apek Hill

RHB Mt KK 2015 and Mt Rinjani team members went for a trekking at Apek Hill Cheras on 1 May 2015. Instead of a rest day, the round trip took us 6 hr 30 minutes traversing the many uphills and downhills of Apek Hill. The Giant Tree was gone, definitely not the work of termite. Who and why would one want to cut this age-old giant tree?

Do CLICK HERE to view photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong) 

 At the remains of Apek Hill Giant Tree
The remains of Giant Tree of Apek Hill, definitely not the work of termites.  
 At Station 6 ... no wild boars today ... taking a rest on 1 May holidays?
(left): Steve, Samantha Liong, Lana, John Kiew, Angeline, June, Sue, Azrin, Ann Chua, KC Leong

All ladies' pose
 June, Angeline and Lana trying out the outdoor gym equipment where membership is free  :-)
 At Saga Station
The sloping rock en route to waterfall
 Crowded at Apik Hill waterfall toady
Always happy pose in taking group photos
The Apek Hill Big Tree: photo was taken on 28 Feb 2015 with Lana, Ann, Shu-Lin and Miko Leea

Do click here to view more photos of the Apek Hill Giant Tree.

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