Saturday, March 07, 2015

Apek Hill Giant Tree

An outing at Apek Hill Waterfall and Giant Tree on Saturday, 28 February 2015 ... It was supposed to be the "Beauty and the Boar" trekking; instead, we could not meet the wild boar which was away roaming the territory. 

Miko Leea bought white bread and kaya, intended to feed the wild boar. Since we were also a little hungry, we ate part of the bread and kaya. 

It is Chinese New Year's time, eating kaya should be good feng shui and auspicious: kaya means rich.

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 At the gym station of Apik Hill
Lana, Shu Lin, Ann Chua, Miko Leea; KC Leong and Lee WY.

 Yeah … It is confirmed that membership fee is waived

 At the waterfall area of Apek Hill

We meet another group of outdoor enthusiasts at Saga Station of Apik Hill: Yew Fei, Dan Pang, Zoey Chow, Sammie Sim and Audrey Tan

 Ann Chua, Miko Leea and Shu Lin … helping ourselves with the bread and kaya meant for the wild boars
 At Station 6 of Apek Hill … Shu Lin refilling water from the water dispenser; the water is brought up by the volunteers.
 Lana At the 500-year Giant Tree of Apik Hill ... it is huge!
 Lana, Ann Chua, Shu Lin and Miko Leea.
This is an amazing huge tree ... yours truly

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