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Zhineng Qigong Retreat 2013

The PSZQM 3D2N Retreat Camp at Cameron Highlands was successfully staged from 22 to 24 November 2013 achieving the objective of learning, practising and sharing knowledge on Zhineng Qigong.

The programmes were well planned and conducted as per schedule; thanks to the untiring effort of the Organizing and Working Committees, and Grace Lim (of USJ Centre) who is the key person in organizing the event.

Do click here to view photos courtesy of yours truly (KC) – Part 1 of the photo album contains 213 photos.

 Looking out of the window of the Convention Hall … Brinchang town and the pasar malam area is just nearby.

 Welcome Speech by PSZQM President, Mr Liow Kim Heng Laoshi   

Lu Lin Kun Laoshi presenting lectures on Zhineng Qigong

 Lu Lin Kun Laoshi (left), Zheng Bai Ling Laoshi, and laoshi from Singapore

 Khor Boon Kheng laoshi, Edwin Khor laoshi, Vincent Khoo laoshi and 张瑞方老师

 The Organizing and Working Committee … (left) Grace Lim, Polly Kor, Alice Cheong, Teng Choon Wah, Camellia Lua, Monika Ng, Song Kong Yan, Benz Ng, Chin Kam Seng, KC Leong; Behind: John Lim, Khor Boon Kheng.

 Steamboat dinner which is popular in Cameron Highlands

 Attending lectures by Lu Lin Kun Laoshi on Module 1 Upgrade (Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa).

 Practical session

 Accompanying qigong group from East Malaysia to visit Sg Palas Boh Tea Plantation

Another steamboat dinner; this time, in a restaurant at Brinchang town.

Click here for Part 2 of photos.

PSZQM - Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong Malaysia

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Do click here to view 2012 Zhineng Qigong Retreat Camp at Fraser's Hill.

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