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RHB Mt Kinabalu Climb - Part 1

After months of training since the first selection process at Gunung Nuang (Ulu Langat) on 1 June 2013, a contingent of 43 staff – including RHB Banking Group Managing Director (“GMD”), Mr Kellee Kam – ascended Mount Kinabalu on 31 October 2013 in celebrating RHB 100th Year Anniversary. 

The participation of GMD was a surprise to most of the climbers as it was only officially announced during the dinner function on the eve of departure to Kota Kinabalu. 

Ascending to the peak of Mount Kinabalu was a tough challenge for a few of the climbers as they experienced varying degrees of AMS (mountain sickness) in which their optimal physical capabilities were weaken. Nevertheless, they pressed on and focus in reaching the peak. We were excited that the contingent achieved a 100% success for summiting to Low’s Peak.

Another interesting observation was that though GMD did not join the team in training, he was fast in his pace in ascending to Laban Rata Resthouse and also to the peak (the next morning).    

Touchdown at Kota Kinabalu Airport – We were pleasantly surprised to see a warm welcome reception from staff of East Malaysia complete with traditional dances.
Seeing the happy moment and many donning the same coloured T-shirts, a young lady Custom Officer even asked me what occasion was that.

 Getting ready to go in the morning – At Nepenthes Lodges of Kinabalu Park area. GMD at back row, Right 7.

 RARING TO GO ... Yours truly (KC) posing with RHB Banking Group Managing Director, Kellee Kam. Without knowing, he is a fast trail runner!

 A group photo in front of Kinabalu National park with RHB Banking Group Managing Director, Kellee Kam (at left)

 One team, one mission – To arrive at Low’s peak of Mt Kinabalu

 Happy expression … for reaching the 2km marker

 Taking a breather for photo session

 In jubilation – yours truly arriving at Laban Rata Resthouse with Tracy Chan. We took 4 hours to arrive at Laban Rata (from Timbohon Gate).

Waterfalls at high mountain – After a heavy downpour in the evening, water was gushing down the rock surfaces of Mount Kinabalu that are visible from far.

 Sunset at Laban Rata

 Next morning, the team started the journey at 2:30 a.m. after a hearty breakfast. The weather in the morning was fine with little wind movement.

Beautiful sunrise

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