Sunday, February 05, 2012

Bukit Kiara hoi kung Trail Running

The Chinese New Year mood is still lingering in the air; so the group went for the third hoi kung (start work) trail running – at Bukit Kiara on Saturday, 4 February 2012. The team lead this time is Tri Stupe as Kenny Kwan is not available.

The weather was cool and the air was fresh after the previous day's rain which is just superb for a trail running. A big surprise this time: there were bees at the start of the trail. A few of the runners were stung on the hands, legs, and heads. Nevertheless, that did not dampen the spirit and deterred the group from continuing the run.

We started off with the Lung Buster Trail and connected to Twin Peaks, 2K, 4K, Magic Carpet, etc. Tri Stupe did a great job of leading the pack running in and out of the many trails of Bukit Kiara.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC). Hit F11 key to adjust the optimum size of display.

 Group photo at the entrance of Bukit Kiara Park ... Tri Stupe (left), yours truly (right) with Jit Yen, Min Junn, Jason Van, Kenneth Teh, Irwan Anuar, George Siew, ChongYF, Simon Goh, Bunny Tan, Phuitin Kong, Aileen Har, Agnes Yew, TanWL
 TanWL and the rest running through the jungle

 At the opposite side of the View Point area

 Ingeniously designed in incorporating mosquito coil to ward off mosquitoes while trekking ... Roland Cheah

 Agnes Yew ... looks like emerging from an organization opens for business ... out of no where

 A cheerful group photo in the wood

 It says: "Do Not Trust This Hasher! Approach with Extreme Caution!" Is he a bad guy in the hill or just self-advertisement (with a unique approach)?

 Another group photo in the cross-road junction of Kiara Hill

The ray of light shinning through ... TanWL and Agnes Yew

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