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Bukit Kiara Trail Running

Trail running at Bukit Kiara on Saturday, 18 February 2012 ... Led by Jessen Lee, the group avoided Lung Buster trail (near to the trail head) as more bikers were stung by the bees there. Connecting via tarmac somewhere near to the white reservoir, the group detoured into Flying Carpet. Since we have a few beginners in this trail running, they could not catch up with the pace. It was quite a difficult situation for them to run faster with the unfamiliar and uneven ground; after a while, we were disconnected with the main group.

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Yours truly (left); Jessen Lee (R3) with the other trail runners ...
(Back, left): KC Leong, SC Yong, ChongYF, Jeff Lau, David Spence, Ralph Dixon, Shang Leong, Lee Yu Kit, Jessen Lee, Deweil Tan
(Front): Gilian Toh, Ivy Hong, Karen Siah, Jezamine Lo, Sue Teoh ...

After trying hard to run faster but to no avail, they decided to back-track. So I started to chase the main group. At one point, there was a split trail and I have a tough time deciding which way that they have taken. After exiting the Flying Carpet route, I was trying to find the group ahead of me by running up and down the tarmac for a while. Since they were no sign of the group, I entered into the trail via the demolished shrine and heading towards the View Point area.

Shang is showing the mark cuased by bee stung at the Lung Buster trail

 Sue (L2), Jezamine (R2) and friends

Sue (Triathlete), Jessen Lee (Ironman), David Spence (Ironman)

Quite interestingly, on the same day we went trail running at Bukit Kiara on Sat 18 Feb 2012, there is an article in Star 2 page 4 on trail running in Bukit Kiara that mentions Jessen, Dave, Shang ... written by Lee Yu Kit. All the names appear in the group photo above.

Click here to read the article in The Star.

After admiring the view (at View Point) for a while – alone - I decided to return via Colorado Rocky Trail. While running alone, I was surprise to see a lady in white attire running towards me (somewhere near here; photo above). After exchanging brief pleasantry, she asked me whether I was okay (seeing me alone) ... :-) According to her, she has been running here for years.

While running along Colorado Rocky trail, the slight drizzles increased in intensity. Nevertheless, with the leaves, it took a while for the rain drops to have the effect of making one wet. Running alone and running with the group is totally of different feel. One would be very alert and conscious with the surrounding in order to find the way out within a network of trails.

I returned to the car park at 9:25 a.m. and it was raining quite heavy then. After waiting for 15 minutes, the main group emerged from the trail.

A trekker enquired, "Lady in white attire? Were u in Twilight Zone?" So I responded, "Sure I am not talking to the latex in the white plastic bags (or they talked to me)" ... :-)

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