Wednesday, January 25, 2012

KDCF Trail Running

The group gathers for a 'hoi kung' (start work) trail running on 25 January 2012, the 3rd day of the auspicious lunar new Year of the Dragon. Led by Kenny Kwan, the group moved swiftly along the narrow and meandering trails in the forest reserve of Kota Damansara.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC). Hit F11 key for bigger displays.

The entrance of the trail is near to SMK Seksyen 10 of Kota Damansara

The air was fresh and the ground was soft after a few days of daily rain on Chinese New Year's days – water signifies money which is good feng shui for another challenging year ahead. The terrain here is not too tough, something similar to Bukit Kiara. Tough the trail is narrower here, the air is better without the funny smell emitting from the latex as in Bukit Kiara.

Gong Xi Fa Chai Trail Running ... (Left) Tiger, Kenny Kwan, Jessen Lee, ChongYF, ChinWM, Bunny, PK Chan, Sue, KC Leong.

One challenging effort for this trail running: one has to pay extra attention on the trail; at certain areas, the trail is like a 'minefield' of small tree stumps (that have been cut and left a few inches above the ground) that are well camouflage with the tree leaves. I tripped and fell twice. The second fall was quite bad – the downward momentum was pushing my face knocking on the ground. Another interesting encounter happened to Sue; she tripped and fell twice at the same area during the forward and returning journey.

When taking group photos, I distributed the red packets for photo shoot in ushering another new year ahead. Later, PK Chan commented that it was a surprise as they were real ang pows.

On the right of photo frame is the hill for trail running. This is the Ayam Exit (chicken out) which is half the distance of the entire loop. The interesting fact is that this point is nearer to the entrance of the main trail. According to our senses on the terrain, we thought that this point should be further away from the trail head.

 Return to base. Sue is busy picking out the weeds that are attached to her running tights.

 PK Chan distributing CNY oranges and cookies for this Gong Xi Fa Chai trail running.

This is sifu skill ... Kenny showing one of his skillful acts. Ah... it is safe that you try it at home also ... :-)

Yours truly's (KC) bruised knee ... after doing trail running for countless time, I trip and fall twice in this trail running. The second one is quite serious - the momentum is strong that my face is knocking on the ground ... :-)

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