Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Young Once & O2O

Please click here to view Part 1 of the photos taken by Tey Eng Tiong. Work is still in progress to process Part 2, the last photo alblum for GE30k (Great Eastern 30km) Run.
Part 1 contains 188 photos; it is a coincidence that the album contains such number -- sure prosperous, prosperous one in Cantonese -- which is auspicous that Chinese New Year is fast approaching just like elite runners advancing to the finishing line.

The KL Penguin Runners decided to give it a miss this time for the Ocean to Ocean run on 11 February 2007. It is a relay run consisting of eight runners per team. The race will start at sunrise from Songkhla on the east coast and end at sunset in Satun on the west coast, covering a distance of 137km. When a runner is in action, the other team members will be traveling in a van as support crew together with all the food and water.

According to Jeffery, the main coordinator from Pacesetters Club, the KL Penguin Runners Team will stand a good chance as all our timing are below 50 minutes to complete 10km races.

The Penguin Runners who are interested to take the challenge are:

KC (penguin-1)
Tony (penguin-3)
Steven (penguin-5)
Eric Teo (penguin-10)
Chee Wee (penguin-11)
Jason Chin (penguin-12)
Chin YH (friend of Jason Chin)

We were quite excited discussing about that event. The conversation went wild: Since it is one week before the 2007 Chinese New Year (CNY), we suggested playing CNY songs or bringing along drum or "gombang" to make encouraging noises and pump up the fun along the way. We have not decided to conduct in CNY beat or the Kitaro type.

Since Yee Sang is served in restaurants one month before CNY, we can actually dish out Ang Pow (red packets; extremely auspicious to receive as a gift) while running since we have a big reserve from the van. Giving out Ang Pow to Thai is a mean to promote our culture and to express our friendliness, particularly, to the "leng lui" (pretty gals) there.

However, all the hotness in taking part in this event was suddenly evaporated with the recent two bombing in Hatyai and the continual unrest in southern Thailand. So, we are back to looking for some running action in Kuala Lumpur.

Sir Cliff Richard

[The Young Ones, Darling were the young ones, And young ones shouldn't be afraid... song is playing in the background]

I was excited to read in the Star newspaper that Sir Cliff Richard will be performing in concerts in Genting Highlands on 9 -10 February 2007. Unfortunately, it clashes with the O2O Run. Now that the Penguin Runners are not running in the O2O event, it is time that I renew my enthusiasm to go for the concert.

If I do not support him in this concert, he may not be coming to Malaysia again. I am also not young. The next time that we will meet, it could be in another dimension, provided we both go there.

I first heard his songs when I was a teenager where my uncle and the kampung folks are a big fan of him. I was also attracted to his clear and “magnetic” type of voice. His songs were mostly ballad – slow and romantic, inspiring and at times, up beat. In the early days, I like songs such as: The Young Ones, Power to the People, Congratulations.

I like most of his song, but there are two songs that I particularly like: The Young Ones - Since I am the young once now, that song really inspires me whenever I hear it – And the young ones, shouldn’t be afraid … – it really charges me up.

The other song is Miss You Night – a slow and sentimental song featuring in his “I am Nearly Famous” album launched in 1975. This song is best played at night in quiet environment ...

Years may wrinkle the skin, but his voice remains unchanged. Yeah, Sir Cliff Richard, I will see you in Genting Highlands!


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C-CUBE said...

KC, will see you there if you are catching the Friday performance....The Young Ones, shouldnt be charges me up too in what ever I attempt!!!!