Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Never Give Up

It was indeed a good idea to have the auspicious housewarming on Chinese New Year days. Together with other Pacesetters members, I was invited by Teresa Goh, a Pacesetters Club member, to her new house in Bukit Julutong, Shah Alam on Sunday 25 February.

Before I went, I detoured to a fruit shop to buy some fruits. Otherwise, I would be going with only two combs of bananas (empty handed). Excitedly, I started my travel at 5:00 p.m. and I followed the direction given to me by Kesab, a Pacesetters Club member also, over the telephone a few days ago. Kesab assisted her in contacting the runners for this gathering.

Traveling at Federal Highway from Subang Jaya heading towards Shah Alam, I took a left exit at Batu Tiga and turned into Guthrie Highway. I saw the extra big signboard “Bukit Julutong, 200 Meters”. Seeing the first roundabout, I was quite excited and I proceeded further. I have not been to this new affluent housing estate before. After traveling quite a distance, Yes, I was on course. Immediately, I saw two more small roundabouts. Oh No! It did not tally with the direction given by Kesab.
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I was lost. I wanted to ask the residence there for direction but the area was deserted of people on a Sunday late afternoon. I saw a lady casually cycling along the road. After reading all the "beware" emails, I better not to approach her. Otherwise, in her eyes, I would be the bad guy trying to rob or harm her.

I practically drove around quite a vast area of Bukit Julutong housing estate. From Section U8/100, U8/95, then U8/23... but I was looking for U8/13. One unique feature of this new housing estate is that there are many roundabouts – big and small. The small ones are just the length of a MPV. However, I did not see any restaurants. All houses are tastefully designed and well built with neat surroundings decorated with plants and trees. The property there must be good for investment.

Along the way, I called Kesab again. SK Goh, another Pacesetters Club member, assisted to give direction. The confusion arose because of many roundabouts and I was not in sync with what they thought my location should be.

It must be a coincidence that the song “Baby Give it Up” sung by KC and the Sunshine Band (note: not Runners) was heard over the airwave in my car. “Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na… Baby give it up… Give it up… Baby give it up.” That was the first time that I nearly wanted to give up of locating my destination -- not because of the persuasion from the song.
Note: Pix is extracted in random from Internet.

After a few distress phone calls to Kesab to fine tune my location, I finally reached Teresa's house at 6:30 p.m. with a lot of help from Kesab. That must be my record: one hour looking for the correct destination.

When Kesab alighted from his Honda car, I was surprised to see that he is walking with the help of crutches though he could drive car. He met an accident while crossing the busy Duta Highway on one Saturday morning when training with other Pacesetters runners for Bangkok Marathon on 26 November 2006. Thank you very much for your help, Kesab.

Teresa's house is a new double-storey bungalow surrounded with land. The garden is well-kept and lined with plants and neatly trimmed grass.

I saw many familiar Pacesetters members: Tony, Agnes Chin, John Tan, Wai Mun, Raymond, Chan Wing Kai, Mr. Lee and wife, Wan Yew Leong, Lok and Agnes, Jason Thiang and Sook Ying, Jenny Lim and husband, Dr. Lyou, Jenny Lee, Tammy.

I chatted with Dr. Lyou who ran the Ocean-to-Ocean Race in Thailand on Sunday 11 February. According to him, it was quite tough running in the hot afternoon as the entire journey started from sunrise and finished at sunset.

When runners meet, there were just too many things to talk. Everyone was engaged enthusiastically in the conversation.

At around 8:00 p.m. we bade the host farewell. Going out of the housing estate was easier as I just followed Jason Thiang's MPV all the way to the highway. Otherwise, I would lose my way again – this time, at night.


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