Monday, February 05, 2007

Great Eastern 30k - More Awards

Photos are selected from Chan Wing Kai's photo albums on GE30km Run.
Most Cheerful Runner Award

Most Incredible Runner Award

It is amazing that Crystal can run the 30km course barefoot. Next time when I happily complain that my leg pain is caused by lousy cushioning of the running shoes, I should remember of runners running barefoot.

Most Spiky-haired Runner Award

"Don't cry for me Argentina" Runner Award
So I chose freedom
Running around, trying everything new
But nothing impressed me at all
I never expected it to ... Don't cry for me Argentina ...
Bravo! Tey Eng Tiong has set a new standard in the Pacesetters running arena. He ran the recent Great Eastern 30km Run with his new toy -- Nikon dSLR.
Running with a compact camera is quite common but not a dSLR. Not only that a runner has to strengthen his legs, the hands must be strong. Otherwise, the dSLR unit is just like a hot potato due to its weight.
Formerly, he used to run full marathons with his film type dSLR. In Singapore International Marathon 2004, he took a photo of the KL Penguin Runners (with me inside) and I was really impressed with him.
So, next time when you see him zero-in on you, give your best smiles, will ya? The camera would have travelled with him for 40km to have an on-site photo shoot.
Most Skin-tight-pants Runner Award
Most Dashing Runner Award
Most Hair-raising Runner Award

By KC ... :-)

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Haha...ok...tks u praise...!!

Run happy and healthy !!

Actually at beginning worry too,cause recently less mileage,but lucky very enjoy the race cum snap photos.