Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Incredible Logi and Monti

I was looking forward to an event on Wednesday, 14 June. It was not about which team was playing in the World Cup. I was referring to watching the comedy skit performed by Monti and Logi, both distinguished speakers graduated from Toastmasters Club.

Together with 12 other Toastmasters members, we met at Bangsar Shopping Complex, Level 3 Food Court for dinner before the show started at 8.30pm.

The turnout was not predictable. It was mainly influenced by the World Cup when Brazil team was playing against Crotia on wee hours of Wednesday. Most people would find time to rest whenever possible. One thing for sure, the audience was well dressed.

Other than Monti and Logi, there was a supporting live band consisting of two guitarists. They sang a few songs and provide backup music too. Monti and Logi not only were good at telling jokes, they sang and danced too. They even dressed up as women! All were having non-stop laughter throughout the show. There was one girl in the audience who laughed very loud and I have “side laugh” because of her laughter.

After many performances, Logi (an Indian) has perfected the act of emulating Datuk SV. When he answered a reporter's questions (acted by Monti), he would fold his arms, face slightly upward and gave snobbish expression. In one of their comedy skits, part of the hilarious conversion was as follows:

Reporter: What is your Ministry's vision?
Datuk SV: (in SV’s accent) Just like the Vision 2020, we also have our vision. We intended to build 2,000 toll-booths by 2020.
Reporter: Is that possible, Yang Berhormat?
Datuk SV: When there is a will, there is a highway (way) …

I was really having a good time and submerged myself in the laughter. I was expecting for more until I was jostled back to reality when they say "good night" – it was already 10pm and I did not realize that I was there for 1.5 hours.

Verdict: Recommended; have lots of good laugh.

Date: 14 to 18 June (Wednesday to Sunday)

Time: 14 to 17June @ 8.30pm, 18 June at 3pm.

Venue: The Actors Studio, Level 3, Bangsar Shopping Complex, Kuala Lumpur.

For Reservation: 03- 2094 0400 or 03- 2094 1400


Note: I have tried numerous times to upload two photos for this posting but fail.

Please click here to view photos on preparatory work for the next comedy skit. Yours truly would be acting in this skit too. Showtime: 26 - 30July.

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