Friday, June 02, 2006

Emperor Penguins in PAR

Note by KC: Please take a look at the Photo Albums created in Pacesetters web site. The photos are bigger yet with instant loading of images. The server that is hosting PACM web site seems to pack with tremendous raw power that readily pump out the images.
Encountered problem in uploading of photos. P2 & P3 photos are temporary on hold.
The Emperor Penguins have arrived. Travelling thousand of kilometres from Antarctica leaving their loved ones; battling through the cold waters of Antarctica to the warm current of Indian Ocean; swimming in the murky water of Straits of Melaka, we have transformed into Tropical Penguins. We will be participating in the second PAR (Pacemakers Anniversary Run) on Saturday 3 June at KLCC Park, 7.30am.

A few of the Pacemakers runners were concerned of the Penguin “secret weapons” which was announced previously. The word itself would send shock wave and may affect other runners in the race tomorrow. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) we lost our “secret weapons” at Java Island. While finding a resting place swimming from South Pole to KLCC, that island was most ideal with the scenic beaches. Due to the recent eruption of Gunung Merapi, we have to abandon the “secret weapons” to stay alive.

At the moment we are now 'resting' at the pond of KLCC. We hope that we wouldn't get caught tomorrow and put into the Zoo at Ulu Klang area where the potential landslide located.

Other than good in water, the KL Penguin runners are most unique. The line-up of Penguin Runners for PAR consists of following heavy weights:

Penguin-2 (Meng) – The Ultra-marathon Runner. He has achieved 12-hour Run clocking 87 km; 24-hour Walk at Genting Highlands; more than 10 marathons; and the recent ultra-marathon race held in Hadyai.

Penguin-3 (Tony) – The Mountain Sifu. He has lost count of the number of times trekking up Mount Kinabalu. He needs to count the number of certificates accorded to him in order to get his figures right.

Penguin-10 (Eric) – The Dive Master. He has done numerous scuba diving in East Coast, East Malaysia and overseas diving destination. Without doubt, any title that has the word “master” must be good. His fastest marathon record was 3 hours 53 minutes in Singapore International Marathon, December 2005.

Penguin-11 (Chee Wee) – The Marathon Runner. A new comer to the marathon arena in 2004, he has achieved more than five full marathon races under his belt.

The other Penguin who will be there taking photos but not running would be Penguin-1 (KC). Related to photography, he said he had taken a few thousands digital photos but has never printed one – all viewed through PC screen. Congratulations to him for taking up the role as Webmaster-Photographer in Pacesetters Club.

By Tony

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