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A Fun Glamping at Fraser's Hill

The group went up to Fraser’s Hill for a second time glamping on the weekend of 25 June 2016. When we arrived at the hill resort in the late afternoon, we immediately started to prepare the site and set up the tents in good team work. It was a fine day and we were lucky to see the vibrant glow of the sunset. By the time we were ready for our dinner, it was almost 8pm.

At around 11pm, the whole group went out to look for tarantula spiders in the cool mountains. It was quite fun enticing them to crawl out from their nest (round hole in the earth). Certain species of the tarantula spiders are only found at the hill resort and nowhere else in the world, that prompt demand from spider collectors in capturing the tarantula there, and their survival is now under threat.

Do CLICK HERE to view photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

 An orchid farm somewhere at Hulu Yam en route to Fraser's Hill

At mid-night, while seated there still enjoying the food, drinks and camaraderie, we saw the bright moon rising high above the cloudless sky.

Sleeping in our tents at the cool outdoor, we woke up a few time as the wind was blowing quite strongly from 2am to 6am. My slim, light-weight Kelty Salida 1-man tent was blowing from side to side. When I went out to wee-wee, I was a little concern that the strong wing would blow my tent away … imaging chasing a flying tent in the wee hours  :-)

Post-glamping – it was quite a lot of work cleaning the tents of which I have to wash five ground sheets, wiping and drying the tents and the fly-sheets. Despite all the work, it was worth the effort for a fun and enjoyable outing in the cool mountains.

Glamping is a new word coined from the words 'glamorous camping' that also mean luxurious camping. Compare to traditional camping where one has to carry all the stuff when trekking up a mountain, glamping is most leisure-like where the camping stuff is just next to the cars.

 Beautiful and attractive flowers

(left) Kristy, Jenny Wong, Lana, Shu-Lin, ChongYF, Kellie; KC (standing)

 At the reservoir area en route to Fraser's Hill. It is now dry season and the water level is very much lower

 Busy pitching tents

 The joy of seeing all the tents are being set up

 Vibrant glow of the sunset

 It was also fun in heating up the roasted chicken ... Lana, Kellie, Kristy and Jenny Wong

 Roasting two chickens in one go ... Shu-Lin and Lana

 Lots of food for dinner

 Lana preparing the sunny-side-up eggs

 A peaceful and tranquil morning with fly-sheets completely covering the tents due to the strong wind in the wee hours

 At the clock tower of Fraser's Hill en route to Chiling Waterfall

 The whiplash shampoo pose by Lana with a lot of water being splashed up by the long hair
 Chiling Waterfall
 What it takes to go glamping with the entire boot full of camping stuff

Do CLICK HERE to view the other glamping at another site of Fraser's Hill.

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