Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kota Damansara Community Forest Trails

Trail running at Kota Damansara Community Forest (KDCF) with ChongYF, Dphany and Voon Lee on Sunday morning, 29 May 2016 ... We ran from Taman Rimba Riang (TRR), Seksyen 9 of Kota Damansara and connected to KDCF (Seksyen 10), and returned with a total distance of about 10km with shades under a canopy of trees.

The extension of KDCF trails connects to another part of Kota Damansara. After this recce run, I understood better the trails network. From KDCF side, the connecting trail is Sahabat Trail via Unity Trail (refer to sketch map below drawn by yours truly).
(To download the trail map: point cursor and click at map above; right click, select Save Picture as)
Sign post showing the entry point from Taman Rimba Riang, Kota Damansara (photos courtesy of Chong YF)

In the middle of the two entry points, there is a pondok with picnic benches, good for taking a breather. The trail that is nearer to TRR is called Harmoni Trail while the other trail beyond this pondok is called Unity Trail. We met a few friendly mountain bikers at the pondok who were cycling from TRR to KDCF. 
At the pondok area

Trail runners and the friendly mountain bikers (photo courtesy of Lau Tuck Hoong and Lum Chee Wei)

There is also the Denai Unity peak where one can have a good view of the surrounding areas. With the steep terrain, it is not advisable to go up the peak with the mountain bikes, other than oneself.

Overall, it is an excellent venue for mountain bikers and trail runners, testing one’s ability in maneuvering the various bends, uphill and downhill.
Emerging at the Kota Damansara Community Forest side

In Kuala Lumpur, the other hills that are good for trail running are:
1. Bukit Kiara
2. Puchong Hill (or Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve)
3. Gasing Hill
4. FRIM Kepong
5. Broga Hill and Tok Wan Trail (the extension).

 At Taman Rimba Riang park - LOVE
 (left) Dphany, Voon Lee, ChongYF, KC Leong
At Taman Rimba Riang park

Thanks to ChongYF for showing the way to Taman Rimba Riang and sharing of photos taken with his handphone. 

Do CLICK HERE to view photos of the previous trail running at Kota Damansara Community Forest.

By KC Leong

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