Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bukit Kiara Trail Running

Trail running at Bukit Kiara with a group of RHB Bank colleagues and friends on Saturday 22 August 2015 … This is the first time that the group go for trail running other than the usual trekking trips.

Bukit Kiara is the choice location as the various trails, charted by the mountain bikers, are most pleasant to run amid the cool shade in the hills. Besides, another criteria most favoured by the ladies are the absent of leeches. As for the mosquitoes, we can always outrun them to avoid being attacked.

From the carpark, we ran towards the View Point direction. Blocked by the high fencing, we then continued via Snakes and Ladder trail to the crossroad area. The group then made a loop at the extended path of 2K trail. We have a good round of photos shoot with the mountain bikes that the bikers were most glad to lent them to us. We then returned to the carpark covering a distance of about 10km in 3 hours.

Looks like we have many potential trail runners in this group.

Do CLICK HERE to view 48 photos in the photo album.

 Group photo at Taman Lembah Kiara before the start of trail run
 Yana … who likes trail running and road running
Dphany, Yoke Leng and Bruno (Mars) :-)
 No passing through to View Point … we could only take a photo here with the high-fencing as background instead of the skyline of Kuala Lumpur

At the crossroad area … the energetic and vibrant all ladies’ photo – when assembling all the ladies, someone quipped that the word “all” sounds like “old”
At the 2K trail … Josephine, Yana while Lana is trailing behind
 Yana and Lana … helping one another in the stretching exercise

Trail runners turn bikers

Another group photo where the pose is being enhanced by the mountain bikers  :-)

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