Sunday, August 09, 2015

Broga Hill and Tok Wan Trail

A few of the RHB colleagues and friend went for a trekking trip at Broga Hill and Tok Wan Trail on Saturday, 8 August 2015.

With a view to the distant horizons, Broga Hill attracts many outdoor enthusiasts and nature-loving people for a good trek to the peak. The hill was well marked, tidy and clean; thanks to the RHB mountaineers who volunteer every weekend to keep the place clean. Certain steep slope areas are guided by thick ropes to prevent any untoward incidents. There are wooden benches being erected which are good for taking a breather.

Though there are many people at Broga Hill, there were hardly anyone at Tok Wan Trail. After the previous day’s rain, it was very cooling there. Leading the pack, I ran into many of the spider webs lined across the trail.  

Do CLICK HERE to view photos. 

 A group photo at the main gate of Broga Hill, mark by the RHB signage
(left): KC, Patric, Khoo Ban Yu, Khoo Hock Hin, Lana, Dphany, Shu-Lin, Ivy Wong, Yoke Leng and hubby, and Voon.
The vibrant ladies 
 Another group photo at the middle hill … Bro, do you see the birds up there?
 The direction to Broga Hill peak; Tok Wan trail is the mountain behind this hill
Supported by two bolsters, this is a good place to show the legs :-)
Broga Hill peak is nicely decorated with prayer flags
At Tok Wan Trail peak
The mountain cafeteria always attract crowd
Our mamak stall operates by Khoo Ban Yu who made teh tarik even at Sayat-Sayat hut during Mount Kinabalu trekking trip
Passing by a giant tree
Performing some aerobic movement on the boulders 

Do CLICK HERE to view a sea of cloud at Broga Hill on one unusual morning.

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