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Broga Hill and Tok Wan Trail

Trekking and trail running at Broga Hill and Tok Wan Trail on a wet morning, Saturday 6 December 2014 ... It was raining the whole morning starting at 6:45 a.m.; so it was quite a challenge having to arrive at the peak and then return when overcoming the muddy and slippery ground.

This outing was graced by Mr Kellee Kam, CEO/Group Managing Director of RHB Banking Group, who trekked and ran with the team despite the adverse weather condition.

Do CLICK HERE to view 21 photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

 A newly completed signage welcoming us at the start of Broga Hill amid heavy rain.

At mid-hill – the rain did not dampen the uplifting spirit. Look at the messy ground and imagine having to go up and down the muddy and slippery hill.

A few of us slipped and fell flat on the buttocks when descending the hill.

On the way down, I saw a young lady was strapped on a stretcher preparing to be carried down by the ambulance attendants; we were told that she slipped and fell.

At Broga Hill Peak before going to Tok Wan Trail. By now, most of us are wet: whether donning raincoat (the plastic material would cause sweating inside); 
breathable rain jacket (the water would seep through after prolonged exposing to rain); or without any rain gear. 

 The accomplished smile at Tok Wan Peak

 The second group photo

 1312 Feet – a new RHB signage at the peak of Broga Hill  

We adjourned to the famous grill tilapia restaurant where the fish are wrapped in aluminium foil and grilled; the fish are raised in the adjacent pond.
With the simple cooking method, the freshness, natural sweetness and the aroma of the succulent fish are maintained: verdict – superb!

hmmm… after a good workout in the hill, it makes us really hungry looking at the mouth-watering fish.   

Trail running model in the photo giving the thumbs-up: Karen Wu; not in the photo: Lee Wai Yin, Wendy Chiam, Goh and yours truly.

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