Sunday, May 04, 2014

FRIM Trail Running

The group went for a trail running at FRIM Kepong on Saturday, 3 May organized by yours truly. This trail running was different as they were two special guests as part of the group. 

Started from Dream Trail, we ran (and ran) and connected to Canopy Walkway, continue the journey via Rover Track to Pacat Trail, en route to Salem High Country by running up Steroid Hill. 

While we re-grouped at Rover Track, a few of the runners decided that it was quite a challenge to continue and decided to backtrack to return to car park.  

After a group photo at the peak, we descended the hill and returned via Mountain Bike Track. The group clocked in a total distance of 16km in 3 hr 26 min with intermittent rest in between while waiting for slower runners and also for group photos shoot.

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 A group photo before the start of the trail running

The Various Trails/Tracks:

Dream Trail – meandering trail with less bikers and trekkers using this trail.

Canopy Walkway - the uphill and downhill trails leading to the Canopy Walkway are newly created trails. With the proper steps, they are very visitors friendly in order to arrive there. It is also good for training uphill trail running.

 At Canopy Walkway

Steroid Hill – this is a straight uphill run where trail runners are able to outrun mountain bikers here.

Salem High Country – Another uphill run all the way to peak. We were told that long time ago, a TV advertisement was having the location shoot there.

Mountain Bike Track – a wide and shady track connecting the far end of Taman Botani with FRIM Clubhouse, where we parked our cars.

  Somewhere near to Steroid Hill   

 At the peak of Salem High Country … the group photo was taken with the help of the owner of this mountain bike  :-)

Sachi descending the hill

Total distance: 16km; time taken: 3 hr 26 min. 
The trail map is charted by using a Garmin FR610, a GPS-enable watch.

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