Thursday, May 01, 2014

Gasing Hill Trekking

After the previous day’s rain, and with the cloudy sky, it was indeed a superb morning for a small group of qigong members and friends for trekking at Gasing Hill.

Yours truly (KC) led the group to trek at the outer ring and then connect back to the standard loop of Gasing Hill. Those present were: KL Tan, Tung and wife, and friends; Cindy Lim, Brenda Lee, June, Camellia, Polly, Ms Ong and son. Since it is a public holiday today, the entire Gasing Hill is crowded with people.

The entire trekking took about two hours traversing a few uphills and downhills which was very good to exercise the body systems.

BTW, the signature huge tree of Raju Restaurant (at Jalan Gasing that is near to Gasing Hill) is gone; it is replaced by a huge monsoon drain. So instead of sitting under the shady tree sipping nice teh tarik and eating roti canai, one has to sit inside the cramp Restaurant, hot and sweaty. 

Do click here for the photos.

 The newly completed public car park along Jalan Tanjung at Gasing Hill (or Bukit Gasing) that can accommodate about 40 cars with a small public toilet that is locked. 

 Waiting in line to cross the suspension bridge

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