Saturday, August 10, 2013

Gunung Nuang Trail Running

Photos of trail running at Gunung Nuang on Day2 of Raya Holidays, 9 August 2013. If you look at the group photos, the faces are different as we meet different group at different locations.

Depending on one's commitment in the next trail running event, i.e. TMBT on 14 September 2013, some would end at Kem Pacat; some arrive at Nuang Peak. For some, they would traverse to Janda Baik (Genting) and return -- an extended loop.

Do click here to view 24 photos courtesy of yours truly (KC).

 At the start of the trail

 At the Pondok area, end of Jalan Balak

 Crossing stream - Carrie and Dannie

 A host of activity trying to cross this stream

 At Kem Lolo area, just before ascending to Kem Pacat

At the signature tree of Kem Pacat

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