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Zhineng Qigong Annual Dinner

An evening of good camaraderie, lots of laughter, cute dances and fun ... amid good food from the restaurant. Zhineng Qigong (USJ Centres) Annual Dinner: Nite of the 60's @ Grand Imperial Restaurant, USJ 19 City Mall on Saturday, 26 January 2013.

The Zhineng Qigong members looks stylish, attractive and fashionable – a transformation from the usual group practice sessions where all are donning the standard chi gong uniform.

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In the 60’s mood

The ladies really dressed to the occasion – in the 60’s look – by buying dresses and everything else that make them look like living in the 60’s. They were also very motivated in joining me for trekking in order to really look good in the dress. Bravo! 

As to the guys, so many of us were wearing checkered shirts. I am not sure whether that was one of the hot favourites then. I think it is more of a coincident that after the vertical stripes design, the fashion for guys now - which is a repeatable process – is checkered design. Anyway, men’s design is just very simple: either vertical, horizontal or checkered (not counting the plain design). Try walking to any of the Departmental Stores these days, head straight to Men’s Section, you would understand what I mean.

 Dressed in the 60’s … The guys in checkered shirts: KC Leong, Alan Yu laoshi, Alex Lim (Organizing Chairman), Chen Hoi Nen (USJ Annual Dinner Funds Director); In white: Tan Hee Joo laoshi and Soo laoshi. 

Due to limited time, the performers were only able to perform one or two number of the dance craze in the 60’s such as The Twist, A-Go-go, Rock and roll, etc. The chi gong members should have no problem with The Twist by swivelling the hips which is a more elaborate version of the Daoling in chi gong (with the gentle oscillating of the hips) … :-)

Another person that made the event lively was the accomplished Master of Ceremony, Mr. Jeff Yong. We were truly entertained by his dynamic and humorous delivery of announcement and showmanship.

 One of the group photos at Grand Imperial Restaurant, USJ 19 City Mall … background with the setting sun 

The VIPs:

The event was graced by Mr Ken Chia, MPSJ Councillor who is Hannah Yeoh’s (DUN Subang Jaya) representative. Another VIP was Mr Gan Meng Foo, BN Coordinator DUN Subang Jaya.

The other VIPs are Liow Kim Heng laoshi, President of Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong (M’sia); Lu Lin Kun laoshi, Advisor of Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong (M’sia); and Zheng Bai Ling laoshi of China.

 Posing with Lu Lin Kun laoshi (seated, 2nd from left), Liow Kim Heng laoshi, Alan Yu laoshi (USJ Centres); Back: Zheng Bai Ling laoshi from China.


Mr Gan Meng Foo complimented Alex Lim, the Organizing Chairman, by saying, "... a very interesting programme and he enjoyed himself." 

Mr Kent Chia commented that he was surprised to see the overwhelming response and participation, and the whole event was well organized. 

Kudus to the USJ Annual Dinner Organizing Team!

 Dressed to the occasion … 

 A Go-go dance

 Yee Sang and loh sang time … may all chi gong practitioners have abundance of good chi and good health! Mr Ken Chia, MPSJ Councillor (right).

 With Edwin Khor laoshi (left), Kong Xu laoshi from China (in red), Hee Yan Choo laoshi (in blue)

Fortune God distributing good-luck door gifts

Stay tuned for PART 2

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