Sunday, January 13, 2013

FRIM Trail Running

Mission accomplished to "jin wan" (energize our luck) in ushering 2013 New Year accompanied by showers of blessing from the sky on the morning of 13 Jan 2013, Sunday. It was quite a challenging feat for the group to engage in trail running for 16 km that took almost 3 hours where certain part of the journey was in drizzle.

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Main group photo before the start of run ... yours truly (KC) at left.

While the group went through Dream Trail at around 7:30 a.m., with the dense tree leaves above, the trail was dark as though it was around 7:30 p.m. At certain clearing, I saw that the sky was hovering with thick rain clouds. Then the drizzles started when we passed by Pacat Trail en route to Salem High Country – the hill where we aimed to go to energize our luck.

At the base of Salem High Country

At Steroid Hill area, we met up with Yvonne Teo, who started a little late and she went through Dream Trail, Rover Track, Mountain Bike Track alone to look for the group. We admired her courage! Bravo!

In drizzle with the misty effect ... at the peak of Salem High Country

Approaching Salem High Country, the rain was getting heavier. So the group went round the base and spiral up to the peak for a group photo in the rain. While ascending the hill in drizzle, the feeling was like our luck was moving up the level with the blessing from the rain. When the mission was completed, the group ran downhill swiftly; returned via Steroid Hill and Mountain Bike Track to FRIM Clubhouse. Overall, it was a good and satisfying trail run to start a brand new year.

Trail map showing the route that we have done, starting from Dream Trail to the peak of Salem High Country at the far end.

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