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Rexona Men Adventure Challenge Photos

The pro and adventurous guys went for the Rexona Men only adventure challenge on Saturday, 23 July at Taman Pertanian Shah Alam.

The adventure stuff is not what we thought: it was quite an easy one with 80% of the time running on tarmac and there was only a little trail running.

At first, looking around at the participants, the group thought that Edwin Goh and Rothman Fong, the two star trail runners in our group but were not present, would stand a good chance of getting the grand prize -- 6D5N stay at New Zealand.

I think this event is also suitable for ladies. Maybe next year, in order to justify for the word ‘adventure’, the organizer can make the event even more challenging.

All photos here are by courtesy of Chiew Hong, who is in this eGroup. Photos are extracted from his photo album as follows: click here (in Facebook) 

The pro and adventurous guys with the yow yeng pose
(Left): ChooTS, ChongYF, Kelvin Lee, PK Chan, Chiew Hong, Mak CK, Wilsion Liew, KC

Kudos to the organizer to set up tents/booths just like those mega running or world class events.
From collecting of race entry packs; subsequently, leading to collection of bibs, filming of the event, rule/regulation briefing and safety briefing,
the organizer is serious and really put in a lot of effort in ensuring that the event is being conducted smoothly and safely. BRAVO!!!

In unison attire ... red = pro category; green = amateur.

Lipton Milk Tea – lots of beverage to go round: isotonic drinks, bottled water, hot drinks, kuih-muih, etc.

Anxiously waiting for the moment ...

Does the scene look familiar to you?

This time, the vest (or T-shirt) is not yellow.

Cargo Net Wall – This is the most challenging part of all the obstacles. To make it even tougher (not sure it is intended by the organizer), the knot actually slide downward.

Hurdles – that looks like the track and field event on tarmac

Walking on Thin Lines – If one steps out of the line, repeat the process until successful. Anyway, it is not that easy to maintain balance.

Start of the jungle trail

Not too challenging as the gradient is not steep (say, compare to Gunung Nuang)

Tranquil view

Up and (you are) Over ... almost to the finishing line

Help yourself ... at the finishing line.

With Jason Loh - the Champion who looks like a college student.
Overall, it was a fun and well organized event. Looking forward for more harder challenge next year.
Yeah, allow women category also. Besides, as a good marketing strategy, most women buy those personal care products (eg. deodorants) for their men (the lucky ones)... :-)

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