Sunday, July 17, 2011

G.Nuang Trail Running

(Back) KC, Chiew Hong, Ho, Mark Boogaers, Lai Kuan, Ya Huey, Patricia Yap, TeeEK, Edwin Goh, Danny, ..., Mei Ling, Rothman, AB Tan.

Do click here to view photo album with photos taken by yours truly (KC).
The weather was cool and the air was fresh after almost one whole day of drizzle the day before. Tier-2 (to Camp Pacat) and Tier-3 (to the peak) of the terrain were dry though at the logging trail (Tier-1), the ground was a little wet.
Our star trail runners are Edwin Goh, Rothman Fong and AB Tan. Edwin Goh’s timing: 2 hr 03 min to False Peak; 2 hr 23 min to The Peak of Gunung Nuang. Normal trekkers would take 5 hours to reach the Peak.
We met quite a number of trekkers whom we know. One of the groups is from ShiekEM and LimGT where we exchanged pleasantries when we were running down the mountain (while they were trekking up).
Another group is Chiew Hong's friends (WK Chong) who carried almost 20kg of weight each for camping at the Peak of Gunung Nuang.
At Camp Pacat, Chiew Hong went to explore the water source; the stream was only a 5-minute walk away. For those who camp at the peak, taking water from here would be a better option instead of carrying the whole weight from Kem Lolo.
 KC, Mark, Patricia, Lai Kuan, TeeEK and Chiew Hong

  Stream crossing made easy ... Lai Kuan and Chiew Hong
The signature tree for photo shoot at Kem Pacat ... (back) Danny, Lai Kuan, KC, TeeEK; (front) Mark, Ya Huey, Patricia 
It takes 4 persons to assist Patricia to ‘lift’ her to the desired elevation for photo shoot.
 Finally, ready for a nice pose
  Our star trail runners – Rothman Fong (front) and Edwin Goh (back) – returning from the mountain. Edwin Goh is one of the top 50 qualifiers in last year’s Mount Kinabalu Climbathon 2010.
Passing by the stream en route to car park. The new kid on the block is Ya Huey (right) who is also fast.

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phyllis loke said...

KC, thanks for sharing. Hope to join you all one day !

phyllis loke said...

KC, thanks for your sharing. Hope to climb Gunung Nuang again after a big blunder in 2001.