Sunday, December 05, 2010

Mt Rinjani Trekking – Invitation

I am pleased to inform that the Mount Rinjani Trekking trip in June 2011 is confirmed.
Currently, the group consists of 8 men and 2 ladies. However, the group is still trying to recruit two (2) more lady trekkers due to earlier cancellation.
This is a journey about 'from the mountain top to the ocean deep/beach'.

If you are (or your friends are) interested, do contact me (KC) for more details:

012- 266 8166
Mount Rinjani in Lombok Island (next to Bali Island)


Day 1 = Flight to Lombok Island (where Mt Rinjani is; Lombok is next to Bali Island)

Day 2, 3, 4, 5 = Trekking to peak and descent; transfer to Gili Island (Dream Divers Bungalow hotel; refer URL link below)

Day 6 = Holidaying at the beach of Gili Island

Day 7 = return home.

Do click here for photos of Mt Rinjani in this blogsite, taken earlier by a trekker, Rambo Chan.

Gili Island - the extended holidays by the beach: Do click here to have a glimpse of this excellent tourist spot.

Dream Divers Bungalow Hotel - the group shall put up two nights here. Notice that it is just by the sea.

There is an article on Mount Rinjani recently in New Straits Times, Thursday, 25 November 2010 under Travel, Life and Times (pg 10 and 15) 2 full pages on Mount Rinjani.

Do click here for the online version from NST website.

To ensure a pleasant journey, good fitness level is vital. The group shall train together in the next few months. As such, you must meet following criteria:

a. Active in outdoor activity

b. Trekking and nature enthusiast (you need to appreciate nature to enjoy the journey)

c. No physical or health problem (eg. back pain, gastric pain, etc)

d. Able to join in the group trainings

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Aleah said...

wow, it sounds very tempting! if i didn't have any back pain, i would totally go.

btw, how hard is the trek? i mean in terms of level? for comparison, mt pulag via akiki is level 3. just curious :)

Anonymous said...

I'm interested to climb Mt Rinjani. didn't know the mt is open to climb since the last eruption.

contact me at t.r.i.s.y.i.a at h.o.t.m.a.i.l dot c.o.m

*remove dots

KC & the Sunshine Runners said...

hi Trisyia, do send me an email (as in the posting). The email don't seem to get through ... :-) KC