Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gunung Kutu

Event: Trekking at Gunung Kutu, Kuala Kubu Baru.
Date: Saturday 11 July, 2009

Dr. Hamdan, Rambo Chan, ChooTS... The main Team Lead for this trekking trip is Rambo Chan (partly covered by Dr. Hamdan); co-Team Lead is Dr. Hamdan while ChooTS is to tag the red markers. Notice the parang which is used to cut falling branches and obstacles to open up the trail.
Big turn-out: 52 trekkers !!

Start of a great journey... Jayne, Fiona, Beh, Tan

Good shots - Pei Ling, Hue Ling, Shirley, Sasa.

We also have banana leaf toilet... Wong is trying to reveal the occupant in the toilet (who is Joseph)

Wah! Nunian, nunian, nunian ... Sasa and Sharon

Easy crossing

Wet crossing

Fiona - dry crossing... notice her Canon camera

Sharon and OngBC -- overcoming this tricky situation. It is not advisable to crawl underneath as there is mud and water below

Sasa posing besides the red marker tagged by ChooTS. This is to reinforce the paper trail set by Rambo Chan.

Tribe women -- Sasa, Fiona, Jayne, Amanda, Sharon, Kelly: resting below a huge rock on the way to the peak.

Blood by leeches !!

The peak of Gunung Kutu. The big rocks are similar to Gunung Datuk (at Tamping).

Fiona sharing her food ... hmmm... the food tastes so good

Hamdan's kitchen with the hot water for making a delicious meal of instant noodle

Joseph and Wong... Joseph made durian sandwich

Sharon climbing up the upper rock; but was stuck precariosly when coming down

The chimney - the remains of a building. Salute to the mat salleh who built a building that requires 3 hours of trekking up the mountain. On the left is a small well with abundance of water.

Part of the group. OngBC (front, R3) is organizing a separate Mount Everest Base Camp trip in April 2010. Yours truly (KC) - in red.

Taking a dip in the water -- Amanda, Jayne, SC Yong, Shirley, Choo. With crystal clear water, this stream is very clean and the bed of the stream is filled with sand.

hmmm... we even have Ferrero Rocher chocolate, courtesy of Shirley Teo.

Sumptuous dinner at Ulu Yam -- Amanda, Rosaline, Jean, Huey Ling, Jayne.

The signature dish -- fresh prawn tomyam in coconut... hmmm... superb !!
Stay tune for photo album with photos in much bigger frame.
Photos and posted by KC Leong

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