Thursday, July 02, 2009

Gunung Irau

Trekking at Gunung Irau - Prelude

I am pleased to inform that on Saturday 4 July 2009, we shall be trekking at Gunung Irau and putting up an overnight stay at Cameron Highlands. This is quite a big group: about 25 trekkers from TonyQ's team, and 40 trekkers with the Everest Base Camp Oct 2009 ("EBC") team.

With EBC team:

EBC Group (yours truly KC) - 12 persons
Alex Chan - 9 persons
Kelly Hoh - 9 persons (day trip)
Agnes Tan - 7 to 10 persons
Bernard Lee - 4 persons

The team will start the journey from Kuala Lumpur early in the morning; have breakfast at Tapah Rest Area, and start trekking when reaching Cameron Highlands.

The main team lead, TonyQ a.k.a. The Mountain Sifu, will tag the directional labels (or markers) so that all could be guided on to the correct direction. The labels are those red and white plastic ribbons that will be labeled TQ01, TQ02, TQ03... Well, TQ is not "thank Q"; instead, it is TonyQ's initial.

Due to outbreak of flu virus, most people could not travel by flight for holidays. So the local tourism at Cameron Highlands is having a boom time with most apartments are fully booked for the next few weekends.

After much communication, the transport and accommodation arrangement were confirmed.

Members in EBC Group for this trekking:
KC, Dr. Hamdan, Jayne, Alexis, Tan Pei Ling, TehKS, Francis Chiong, LengHW, LawSieYung, Sharon, ChooTS and brother.

Filepix at peak of Gunung Irau

Mud Trap

The team members received one email from TonyQ, who spent his holidays in the serene setting of East Coast during the KL marathon weekend. Part of the instructions are: make sure every trekker has enough water; follow the directional labels (or marker); otherwise, one can be going round and round; do not walk on the muddy path else a trekker would come back without shoes.

Okay, this is the interesting part: For those who have not been to Gunung Irau trail, the muddy path/area is not of the yellow mud type. Instead, the earth is dark brown or black, similar to the dark earth that we see. The moment you step your foot on it, your foot would sink at least for 1 - 2 feet. Don't worry; it is not the quick sand type (of many feet deep). Though we say that "take nothing but photos; leave nothing but footprints", it is not recommended that you leave too vivid footprint (or your shoes) this way. Nevertheless, if you do, remember to ask your buddy to take a photo of you for remembrance.

How to recognize the potential mud trap:
1. The obvious ... vivid footprint or shoes left behind
2. The untouched and smooth surface - no footprint

Have an enjoyable and memorable trip.

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The next posting shall be delayed.

Next trekking trip: Gunung Kutu at Kuala Kubu Baru on Saturday 11 July 2009.

Written by KC

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