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Jungle Experience at Kuala Tahan

Imagine a white sandy campsite located just next to a riverbank, and next to the campiste is the edge of the millions year-old tropical rainforests. We were camping at this unique campsite for the 3D2N, back-to-nature experience at Kuala Tahan in Taman Negara from 22 to 24 September 2018.

Do CLICK HERE to view photos courtesy of yours truly, KC Leong.
 Arriving at the campsite

The Kuala Tahan experience was really an enjoyable one. I told Encik Adi, the friendly organizer who speaks fluent English, that we would come back again during dry weather, with a bigger group. It is a lot of work for the organizer who would undertake to set up the community tent and cook for the team members. He also planned and synchornized with the boatmen to take the group to the various parts of the national park. Encik Adi can be contacted at +6011 3756 2106.
 The community tent set up by Encik Adi (left) and for cooking use

Activities and experiences:

a. Camping  a wonderful and peaceful experience camping at this nice campsite;

b. Canopy Walk – strolled along this long suspension bridge on the treetops high above the ground, termed as one of the world's longest and highest canopy walks;

c. Bukit Teresek – hiked up one of the trails where one can see Gunung Tahan;

d. Dark-brown reflection of the water – a unique sight of Tahan River;

e. Boat cruise to Lata Berkoh – exciting boat journey where the boatmen would steer the longboat to avoid hitting the huge rocks and big fallen tree trunks submerged under the shallow water; 
 Getting ready to visit the Taman Negara national park

f.  Lata Berkoh cascades – relaxed in the water and enjoyed the rapids while having our tea and snacks there;

g. Kelah Sanctuary Lubok Tenor – feeding the many big fishes at the sanctuary area; 

h. Visit Bateq Tribe orang asli settlement – watched demonstrations of traditional hunting methods using blow pipes, and setting up fire the nature way. The orang asli speak Bahasa M'sia; they have dark skin with short and tight curly hair, and live a nomadic lifestyle in Taman Negara;

i. Swimming in the river – anytime of the day for a true jungle experience.
 The canopy walkway ... (left) ChongYF, Kenneth, ChuahTK, KC Leong, Jennifer, Adi  ... not in the photo: Josephine Hoh

Hornbills – it was a rare experience witnessing hornbills flying high above us, even higher than the tallest trees. First, we could hear the unique and loud chirp even before they arrived. Looking into the sky, we could see the three birds flying in a straight line, almost of the same distance apart. In the evening around 7:00 p.m., the three birds would return home by flying in southward direction; and at 7:00 a.m. the following morning, they would fly in westward direction – exactly of the same flight path. We quipped that they were going to office to work in the morning, and flying home in the evening guided by their in-built GPS navigation system.
 Group photo at Bukit Terisek with two Cambodian ladies (left, 4th and 5th)
 Chong YF taking a dip in the river at Lubuk Simpon
 Visiting Bateq tribe orang asli settlement
 The flat and sandy campsite with a commanding view of Tahan River
 Preparing BBQ dinner by Adi and Jennifer 
 The trees in this national park are huge
 Getting down from the boat for a short walk to Lata Berkoh
 Just like in a drawing
 Lata Berkoh cascades
We met Laura en Janita and sister who are from Nethelands. After the Taman Negara trip, they would visit Cameron Highland en route to Langkawi.
Kuala Tahan jetty ... for overnight stay in the park, it is advisable not to park the cars here as the area may be flooded after heavy rain
For those who would like to visit Kuala Tahan and see the wonders of nature, one can stay in Mutiara Taman Negara, a 3-star resort, which is opposite the river. Crossing the river by boat is RM1 per person. Alternatively, one can also stay in the many hostels or homestays on this side of the river.

Kuala Tahan Jetty GPS Coordinates:
4°23'00.9"N 102°24'04.3"E
4.383582, 102.401194

Travelling time from Kuala Lumpur to the jetty is about 3 hr 30 minutes; nearest town to the jetty is Jerantut which is one hour's drive away.

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