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Pine Tree Trail Hike

Hiking Pine Tree Trail and overnight at High Pines Bungalow in Fraser's Hill from 20-22 July 2018 ... July is a dry and hot month in Klang Valley; as such, staging a 3D2N stay in the cool mountains and hiking Pine Tree Trail was an excellent idea. 

Do CLICK HERE to view photos courtesy of yours truly, KC Leong.
 Looking for tarantula spiders ... one of the tarantula species is found only at this hill resorts and nowhere else in the world

That was my first time staying in High Pines Bungalow, a cosy greystone bungalow owned by Boh Plantations group. This lovely Scottish design bungalow sits at one of the highest spots in Fraser's Hill with good views of the surrounding mountains, and is frequently engulfed in low clouds. The best part is that it is only a stone's throw away from the trail head of Pine Tree Trail.
 Relax after dinner in High Pines Bungalow with good hiking company

As usual, many hikers felt that the returning journey of Pine Tree Trail hike was also tiring as the terrain was not all downhill descent. One still has to climb two major flights of stairs and a final uphill hike to return to the trail head.

Start hiking = 7:30 a.m.
One way to the first peak = 2.5 hr to 3 hr;
First peak to 2nd peak = 30 to 45 min;
Round trip is about 7 hours.
A cool and misty morning at High Pines Bungalow

High Pines Bungalow (Fraser's Hill) ... It was a coincidence that the caretaker, Mr Tan, was admitted to hospital. The wife who does not cook, was in-charged.  Most of the group members opined that his wife was too petty, nasty and giving us a hard time (that affected the mood of the stay) even though we paid for the 3D2N accommodation: she was overly concern that we must not dirty the place; that we could not use the crockery (not even the cups!!); that we could not boil water for drinking; that we must not bring food and consume in the bungalow; that we could not do this or that, etc. Suggesting that we should eat our food in the garden, she said but subject to the gardener's permission. But a check at the garden, there was no table and chairs to put the food. We wonder who set the rules!

A group member commented that with years taking charge of the bungalow/property, they felt that visitors are encroaching into their territory; hence, imposing rules that disregard even basic needs.
 At the front gate of High Pines Bungalow ... I have been hiking at Pine Tree Trail for almost 10 times but I have never cross this boundary. 
(back, left) LooHinLee, Jimmy Teh, Angie Ng, Jackie, Rocky Chan, Irene Poh, Sally Teh, Abdullah, Julia Ooi, Karen Lee, LeeWaiYin; (front) KC Leong, ChanHN, Loo Hin Lee, ChinYM (holding camera: Freddy Yeong)
 A group photo at the trail head of Pine Tree Trail ... the metal signage is a new one (not sure why there is a need for two); notice the gate at the left of the photo frame – that is the High Pines Bungalow. It was also the first time that we do not need to drive to the trail head.
 A bigger group photo at the first peak with members from another two hiking groups
 View from the second peak ... that is the trail leading to the Semangok Peak: two hours to Merah Campsite, and another 4 hours to the peak. In the photo: Eddie Lau, Jessica Tan, Julia Ooi
 Group photo at the second peak
 Ascending and descending this part of the hill is dangerous ... posing for photo is Eva Chin
 Day 3 camping-style breakfast at a pondok en route to Jeriau Waterfall
At Jeriau Waterfall
(click above trail map for actual bigger size)
At the entrance of Jeriau Waterfall, we met six trail runners who ran/hiked from the Pine Tree trail head and returned via another run-able trail that connected to this Jeriau Waterfall (light-blue line above). Does anyone know this new trail, do kindly share information. We are having plan to explore this trail. This shorter or slightly easier trail would enable the day hike to Semangkok Peak be completed within daytime.

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