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Gunung Liang Day Hike

Gunung Liang East and West on Saturday 19 May 2018 ... Team Lead for this trip was Leng; this was my second hike to Gunung Liang. 

We started the hike at 6:15 am. On the average, it took 6 hours to arrive at the peak, and 4 hr 15 min to return to carpark. Round trip was almost 12 hours. 

Do CLICK HERE to view photos courtesy of yours truly, KC Leong.

 At the river crossing ... Happy faces to have come thus far; (left) May Lim, Caryn Ng, Josephine Lee , Alice Wong, Lily Goh ... Sum Chow, VP Chin
 The second group photo ... total group size is 27 hikers

It was cloudy the entire day with sign of impending rain but did not manage to rain at Gunung Liang areas. It turned out to be a good day for hiking. The ground was wet after the previous day's rain. And the lower ground before the river crossing was infested with leeches – almost all were attacked by leeches. At the campsite next to the river crossing, that area was also full of leeches. The river crossing was simple with low water level. Unlike my first trip, after descending from peak, we were stuck for two hours trying to cross the river with rising water level. Do click here to read.
 Claudia crossing the river with LimHY stabilising the rope

With the puasa month, there were only a few other hikers other than our group. 

Due to the long distance and the different pace of the hikers, we hiked in different groups. Most of the time, LimHY and I were with Alice Wong, Amy, Josephine, May Lim, Caryn Ng and Claudia.

The terrain is quite similar to Gunung Nuang from Pangsoon: the first level before the river crossing was undulating but not much elevation gain; the second level arriving at Camp 7E was a gradual climb; and the third level to the peak was much steeper climb that required both hands to pull one up. 
 At Camp 7E ... the is the only piece of flat land before the steep ascent to the peak
 At Liang East peak ... LimHY, SC Yong, Dr Kogulan
 LimHY and KC Leong ... The scenery of the peak is unique: Liang East is the normal peak with a small clearing; but Liang West, just 10 minutes away, is totally of different landscape. 
 The mossy forest of Liang West
At Camp 7E while returning from the peak ... Amy, Josephine, May Lim, Caryn Ng, Claudia

One effective way to ward off leeches which I have tested: wet and rub 999 Chlorophyll Soap on to the hiking shoes. The soap provides a slippery layer for the leeches to cling on. With the chemical contains in the soap, leeches that climb on to the shoes are rendered inactive that can be easily deflect by using a stick. 

Do CLICK HERE for my first trip at Gunung Liang.

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