Wednesday, November 08, 2017

North Thailand Sunrise & Hiking (Part 3)

Northern Thailand Chiangrai/Chiangmai Sunrise and Hiking tour from 28 Oct to 3 Nov 2017 ... This album contains photos of hotspring, Maeya Waterfall, overnight at Ban Mae Klang Luang rice terrace homestay; Doi Inthanon National Park (view sunrise then hiking), visit the Great Holy Relics Pagoda Naphapholphumisiri.

Do CLICK HERE to view Part 3 of the photo album courtesy of yours truly, KC Leong.
                At Doi Inthanon National Park sunrise viewing point
 At the hotspring ... the stream of hot water shot up high into the sky
 Maeya Waterfall ... we were lucky that it was just opened that day after having been closed for one week due to abundance of overflowing water
 Beautiful setting of rice (padi) fields
 7 ºC in the early hours of the morning; at the peak, we were told that it was 3 ºC
 Hiking up to the peak of Doi Inthanon National Park
 Standing at the highest spot in Thailand
 Visiting Great Holy Relics Pagoda Naphapholphumisiri
At the homestay overlooking the padi field in golden yellow ready for harvesting ... Huey Ling, Chin Tyen, Wai Leng, Lana.

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