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USJ Zhineng Qigong Pangkor Trip

Zhineng Qigong USJ Centres organized a 2D1N tour to Pangkor Island on 8-9 July 2017 with 80 chi gong members travelled in two tour buses. One of the highlights was to practise chi gong by the beach amid the sound of wave hitting the shore – a different kind of practice experience. The chi gong practice session was led by Alan Yu laoshi. 

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 A main group photo at Fu Lin Kong temple, Pangkor Island

The attractions covered were:  
Pangkor Island: Dutch Fort, Fu Lin Kong temple, Lin Je Kong temple; buying of local produce;
Sitiawan: Tua Pek Gong temple; 
Teluk Intan: Leaning Tower (TILT); buying of local produce.
 Sunset at Pasir Bogak beach

In Pangkor Island, the group stayed at Coral Bay Resort, which is just a stone’s throw away from the Pasir Bogak beach. And for this short trip, five sumptuous meals were included: Saturday lunch at Bei King Restaurant, Sitiawan and dinner at Pangkor Island; Sunday breakfast at Pangkor Island, lunch at Sitiawan and dinner at Tapah.
 Pangkor Island in big letters

The group bought the famous Teluk Intan Liew Kee chee cheong fun in bulk with a whopping 200 packets! One can imagine the effort involved in taking the order from members, tallying the money, taking delivery, and dishing out according to the correct orders. But once we started to eat, it tasted so delicious and that justified the extra effort. We also went to buy the famous Tiger Head brand heong peah, until the mau san wong durian flavoured heong piah was out of stock. I could see the happy faces beaming with smile after the shopping.
 Practising chi gong by the beach; the group travelled a few hundred kilometers to arrive at this location

The organizing team was:
a. Tan Choon Huat, PSZQM President
b. yours truly, KC Leong
c. Alex Lim and Grace Lim.
 Good experience amid the sound of wave hitting the shore

Just before the practice session, I quipped that when they harvested the abundance of chi from the ocean, if I could see the fishes jumping up when taking photos, that means the chi was really strong.

We truly enjoyed the short trip with the good food, good camaraderie and getting to know other chi gong members.
 Spotted a hornbill flying above?
 Visiting Tua Pek Gong temple, Pasir Panjang, Sitiawan ... (left) Elaine, Lee Choo, Lew LW
 Happy face and beaming smile at Tiger Head brand confectionery
 At TILT (Teluk Intan Leaning Tower)
 The weights are used to balance the load so that the structure would not continue to tilt
 The famous Teluk Intan Liew Kee chee cheong fun ... it is really nice to eat; each packet sells at RM5.20
One of the delicious dishes of the five meals that span across three towns: Pangkor Island, Sitiawan and Tapah.

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