Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Heritage Trail (Day 3)

Day 3 – Penang Hill hike via Heritage trail on 5 June 2017, Monday ... The Team Lead for this trail was Ms Siew Kean, an active hiker who lives in Penang. 

One way up to the peak of Penang Hill was 2 hours. There was more scenery to see in this trail: the Penang island and the movement of trams. We were very excited when seeing the trams passing by – only possible in Penang. 

I was pleased that my plan and the schedule was executed smoothly. With the descent of the Heritage trail hike, that completed the 3-day northern hike – a great journey with great company. I truly enjoyed myself.

Thanks to the team members for the support and team work: Dphany Goh, Voon Lee, ChanHN, Chong YF, Josephine, Karen, Yi Ling, Lim Hoe Yin, Soek Yan, and Shu-Lin.

Special thanks to the three Team Leads for leading us safely to the peak: Siang Ching, Teh Wei Ee, Ms Siew Kean.

New plan is underway to hike another trail of Gunung Jerai via Merbok trail (8km distance that requires 4 hours of one way up the mountain). 

Do CLICK HERE to view photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

 Heritage Trail trail head ... Tien Kong Than which is 500 meters before the lower-hill tram station. Ms Siew Kean, Team Lead for this Heritage trail, is at right.
 The Heritage trail starts here
 Happily arriving at the mid-station
 View of passing tram from station above
 Photo with the passing tram ... only possible at this hiking trail
 The Claremont Station
 Viaduct Station ... another popular station to see passing trams
 Arriving at Penang Hill Love Lock wall again
Exiting boom gate at the lower-hill tram station ... for one-way-down ride, one has to buy the ticket (using MYcard) after alighting the tram

Do CLICK HERE for Day 2 hiking (Penang Hill via Moongate trail)

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