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Maxwell Hill Taiping Hiking

Hiking up to the gardens of Bukit Larut via waterfall trails on 6 May 2017 ... It was formerly called Maxwell Hill of Taiping. The event was organized by Kim Thai and Chan How Nean, both hometowns are from Taiping. 

One way to the hill gardens at an altitude of 1036 meters is about 4 hours, with relaxing time at the waterfall and eating breakfast at Hut #3. The hut is complete with cooking utensils, gas, tap water from the mountains and a toilet that one can take bath. The utensils are locked in different metal lockers and open by respective group owners.

While waiting for the jeep to descend the mountain, we hiked up to Cendana Hut (1128m) but the bungalow was closed on that day. Started the hike at 7:30 a.m., we boarded the jeep at 2:30 p.m. for a 7-hour outing. While negotiating the many hairpin corners by the jeep journey, we actually hiked quite a distance up the hill resorts.

Do CLICK HERE to view 195 photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

 Arriving at the trailhead of Bukit Larut
 At the waterfall area ... we went up to Hut #3 via the waterfall trails
 Arriving at Hut #3 for breakfast, and then continue the hiking journey via tar road
 The garden of Maxwell Hill ... (left) Kellie, Michelle Wong and TehWE 

TehWE and Michelle Wong with the high-jumping pose
 The garden of Maxwell Hill
 Taking a breather ... preparing and savoring some hot drinks; (left) Kellie, Michelle Wong and KC Leong.
 Bukit Larut cafeteria 
 At Bukit Larut garden and also the jeeps terminal
 At Cendana Hut ... (front) Kim Thai, Liang Lin, Chia Chee Fen, Michelle Wong
 At Cendana Hut
 Post hiking (the following morning)... Mangrove Swamp at Kuala Sepetang (Port Weld)
 Visiting charcoal factory at Kuala Sepetang (Port Weld)
 Seafood lunch at Kuala Sepetang (Port Weld)
Sumptuous seafood lunch of fish, prawn and crab

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