Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Hiking a Kota Damansara

Trekking at Denai 3 Puteri peak, Kota Damansara on Saturday 1 Oct 2016 ... The group started from Taman Rimba Riang, Seksyen 9 and traversed to Seksyen 10 (KDCF) and returned for a round trip of about 12km.

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 At Taman Rimba Riang, Seksyen 9 of Kota Damansara

 At the mid-point of Harmoni and Unity trails
 Proceeding to Denai peak
 Scaling extra height at the peak :-)

 Kuala Lumpur is in that direction  :-)

Arriving at KDCF, Seksyen 10

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