Thursday, February 11, 2016

Apik Hill CNY Outing

Gong Xi Gong Xi ... early "hoi kung" (start work) at Apik Hill on chor 3 (Wedn, 10 Feb 2016) with ChongYF, Lana, Shu-Lin and SC Yong. It was a cloudy morning where the sun was totally shielded away. Arriving at Station 6, there wasn't any trekker there; needless to say, we could not see any wild boar other than the droppings. While running towards Saga Hill station surrounded by the wild palm trees, I thought of the office colleagues who were busy working while I was busy running. 

At Saga Hill station of Apek Hill, the crowd started to build – a stark contrast to the other hill station. While returning via the Tokong trail, we met the humble uncle who mans the inner coconut stall at the trail head. Seeing him there, we knew there would be no coconut juice to drink. Instead, we taught him to handle the camera to take group photos for us.

Do CLICK HERE to view photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).
 (left) ChongYF, Lana, Shu-Lin and KC 

 At Saga Hill station of Apek Hill

 At Station 3A where we met SC Yong and friends, and Rainbow trekker
Lana, Shu-Lin and Mai who is from overseas; she visited Apek Hill for the first time
Jumping Gong Xi Gong Xi pose

The building of pylons is progressing fast; we are not sure whether we could still trek Apik Hill in future

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