Sunday, October 25, 2015

Puchong Hill Trail Running

Three groups of trail runners congregated for a social trail running at Puchong Hill on Saturday 24 Oct 2015. Led by Chow Kean Fatt and KH Tang as the Team Leads, the group took about 3 hours traversing the many trails for a distance of about 9km inclusive of waiting for one another, and spending time at the mini waterfall.

We have a running celebrity, Seow Kong, who joined us in the outing. He passionately did many of those international ultra-marathon trail running events. Together with him are a few of his Taiwanese friends who are excited to run in the tropical jungle.

Before heading to the "peak" of the Puchong trail, ChowKF led the fast-paced runners for another tough uphill run, while the not-so-fast trail runners would go direct to the "peak" and rendezvous there. He fondly called that hill the "Gasket Burning" hill – meaning that a lot of power is required to go up that hill and may cause the damage of the gasket of an engine if not well lubricated.

These days, we are not too overly concern with the poor quality of air, courtesy of our neighbouring country. In the canopy of the trees aid by the abundance of oxygen produced by the photosynthesis process, the air in the jungle is better. Besides, according to the official report, we are not going to stay indoor until March 2016 when the haze problem is completely over.

Overall, it was a fun and enjoyable outing that we were able to run with many of the trail runners friends together.

Do CLICK HERE to view 66 photos courtesy of yours truly (KC).

 Group photo before the start of the trail running
 All ladies’ pose
 Group photo at the “peak” area of Puchong Hill
 Lead by ChowKF (Left #4) and KH Tang (L1), the group emerged from the “Gasket Burning” trail
Graceful vertical levitation in motion – (left) Shu Lin, Adelyn, Yana, Lana, Ivy Wong
 Passing by orang asli huts
  Going through obstacle course … Tang and Chow assisting Shu Lin in crossing the stream while Chow is holding the bag for picking up litter along the trails
 Tarzan and Jane – Yana is having an enjoyable time swinging from tree ... back to the same tree  :-)
 Lana having a dip into the refreshing cold water
 Seow Kong and the Taiwanese runner friends
 The group spend about 20 minutes at the mini waterfall  
 Seow Kong (right) and the Taiwanese friends, flank by Kah Wai (L1), Rich Cai (L3) and Michael Wong (Back #1). For a change, they are holding the heavy finisher medals also  :-)

 Having a refreshing coconut drink before the group completed the satisfying outing

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