Monday, September 14, 2015

Gasing Hill Trail Running

Trail running at Bukit Gasing on a hazy Sunday morning, 13 Sept 2015. Though the haze situation is not encouraging, the condition of air quality is OK when surrounded by trees.

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 At Gasing Hill wooden arch main gate

At Kerinchi Park of Bukit Gasing

Concrete Suspension Bridge of Bukit Gasing

View from below

The park area of Gasing Hill

Staircase leading to Gasing Hill Concrete Suspension Bridge

Run back to the standard Gasing Hill loop ... Adelyn, Lana and Shulin

 The ladies in jumping pose
 The ladies in jumping pose

The ladies in jumping pose
At Indian temple of Bukit Gasing
After running for about 9.5km, the team is almost back at the trail head

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