Sunday, February 22, 2015

FRIM Chor 3 Jin Wan Outing

Gong Xi Gong Xi ... a joyous Chor 3 Jin Wan outing at FRIM Kepong on Saturday, 21 February 2015.

Jin Wan in Cantonese means to energize one’s luck in the Lunar New Year. Many years ago during Chinese New Year, I was running around Salem High Country (in FRIM) with a few trail runner friends. After exchanging auspicious greetings to two uncles there who were doing their morning walk, they suggested to me that it is good to “jin” (go one round the foothill of Salem High Country), signifying Jin Wan. When I was small, jin wan means my mother would bring me along to a temple to pray during Chinese New Year. So for trekkers and trail runners, we have to sweat it out to Jin Wan.

To make things more challenging, we have the trekking and trail running groups both started at the same time but from different locations. Led by Lee Wai Yin, the trekking group started from Taman Botani Kepong. The trail running group was led by ChongYF and yours truly from the FRIM Clubhouse. The two groups eventually met at the foothill of Salem High Country before we Jin Wan together.

Do CLICK HERE to view 51 photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

 The trail runners from FRIM Clubhouse
(left) … KC Leong, LimHY, Rothman, Mun Yi, Wai Ming, Miko Leea, Ann Chua, Gan, Elsie Liew, Karen Wu, ChongYF.

 Passing by the Orang Asli hut

 At Steroid Hill area … with Mr U.CH

 Flying quite high … Girls power

 Guys power

 Gong Xi Gong Xi … wishing all good heath, great wealth and happiness in the Lunar New Year. Trekkers and trail runners together.

 At the peak of Salem High Country

Showing the power ... Elsie and Karen :-) 

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