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Puchong Hill Trekking_Trail Running

Note: I shall be away for holidays in Beijing / Xian for two weeks ... KC 


Puchong Hill (aka Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve) trekking and trail running with Zhineng Qigong members and friends on Saturday, 2 March 2013.

After many weeks of raining, the weather is getting hotter these few days; and it was a fine and sunny morning superb for some outdoor activities.

Other than the Zhineng Qigong members, we have TeeEK, Thomas, Patricia’s group joining us; together with Sik Peng and friends; Jezamine, Phoebe and friends; Munirah and friends.

This is part of the organized event in preparing qigong members for the Lucky Valley Retreat and Sungei Lembing Tour 11-13 May 2013 (“LV+LB”) where yours truly (KC Leong) is one of the Organizing Team members.

Do click here to view 34 photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

 Cindy Lim, TanLP, Thomas Lim, TeeEK, Brenda Lee

 A preliminary group photo at the start of the trail of Puchong Hill

 Alan Yu laoshi (in green) of Zhineng Qigong USJ 1 and 15 Wawasan Centres who is also the Qigong Group Leader for LV+LB trip ... Front: Shirley.

 Cheers of encouragement from Cindy Lim, Shiela and LewLW ... Lee Choo (not in photo) has difficulty in walking after her operations; nevertheless, she pressed on! Supported by other friends, she managed to reach thus far and finally completed the whole course.  

A complete group photo at the peak of Puchong Hill … 30 participants
KC Leong … back, R1.

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